With Edimage Plus, ConceptArt offers you an easy solution for updating your own Web site publications, saving you both time and money. Edimage is a publication and communications tool available directly on the Web and especially designed for those who want nothing to do with HTML programming.

Here is a glimpse of what can be accomplished with this application:

  1. Publication of your Web site

    Build your Web site online by entering information and choosing your design from the selection offered. No programming knowledge is required and your site can evolve over time, beginning with one page, becoming more developed and eventually perhaps becoming a thematic portal.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Create a database of those questions you find yourself answering frequently. You can change these and make additions at any time.

  3. Events

    Promote your activities and undertakings, and the status of your projects. Publish a summary sheet of your activities in a panCanadian agenda and create a detail form as well. A link placed on your Web site will allow activation of those activities from your Web site. A search engine available on several Web sites can also enhance your visibility.

  4. Newsletter publication

    Publish newsletters on the Web, in a central database. Thanks to the Electrons search engine, your newsletter will be available from several Web sites, which enhances visibility. All newsletters are also going to be made accessible from your site. In addition, your newsletter will automatically be sent to a distribution list of cultural media or media of la Francophonie.

  5. Document publication

    Publish your documents online: using simple cut-and-paste you can publish text containing chapters or different sections.

  6. Posting

    Post messages, news, thoughts, or historic facts on the homepage of your Web site.

  7. Newsgroup management

    Establish a newsgroup on your Web site; this forum for exchanges can be set up with private, public or read-only access. An animated assistant will help you to change the presentation of the site, its password, and to edit its contents.

  8. Requests for tender

    You are looking for a company , a consultant, a service or product?
    Use the “request for tender” services available on Edimage.

  9. Bulletin board management

    Publish visitors’ comments and announcements on your bulletin board.

  10. E-mail distribution

    Change your E-mail distribution list from a Web page.

  11. Team-member directory

    Present your staff members or your administrative council, indicating their names, functions, co-ordinates and even adding their photos.

  12. Address book

    Build your own list of contacts or use our mega database “Adresses CLIC”, to find the name, address or telephone number for a person or agency.

  13. Bibliography

    Build your own bibliography and make it available on the Web.

  14. “Facts and History”

    Incorporate a database that illustrates facts and historic events.

  15. Webography (hyperlink directory)

    Build your own hyperlink directory and/or create a link to the Francovoyageur directory.